arguing over chores

End of Argument

Time flies, especially when you are arguing with the world's most determined litigator, who hasn't even grown arm pit hair yet. I simply don't have time to convince and cajole each child to do their individual tasks.  Especially, when all they are trying to do is stall for play time while I … Continue reading
meditation on strong mothers

Motherhood isn’t for Wimps

Motherhood is hard.I'm not talking about the first few months of nausea & fatigue, the last few months of backache & front-ache, or the excruciating labor pains.  That stuff is the easy part; I'm talking about what happens next.  Motherhood isn't for those who can't come second. … Continue reading

Grandma’s Bee Catholic School

Two times a week, my mom takes the 3/4 year olds and teaches them numbers, letters, bible stories, social studies, and baking skills.  She reads to them, she exercises them, she prays with them, and she does art projects with them.  Grandma has been in "business" since our Parish school shut … Continue reading

Everyone’s a Critic

We take Hollywood to a whole new level during summer vacation (which is just around the corner).  We let everyone be an "Official" Critic when it comes to watching movies based on our books. A large number of box-office-movies are being adapted from fantasy novels these days.  We use this … Continue reading