ALS Diagnosis: A Wife’s Perspective

Author: Mama GG

My husband was almost 49 years old when he received the diagnosis of ALS 15 years ago.


The year before, he had twisted his ankle and had fallen down.  Since then, he’d had a limp that had never gone away.  He was also getting cramps in his legs, and I started noticing little twitches in his arms. We decided to finally have it checked out.

The diagnosis was shocking: 1 to 5 years left to live with ALS. I silently cried all night dabbing at my eyes with a tissue. He cried too. The first few years were filled with grieving when each function weakened and was lost.  

About five years after the diagnosis, he went into respiratory failure, and consented to being put on a ventilator.

I always worried what would I do when my husband no longer could “___” (eat, talk, move his fingers, etc.) but each time we struggled for a while, managed the loss, and went on. He went from a cane to a walker to a push wheelchair to a motorized wheelchair. Now I maneuver his wheelchair for him.

diagnosis als
Grandpa lost a lot of muscle tone, and needed a pushing wheelchair after 2.5 years.

Yes, we have come a long way in the last 15 years since the diagnosis. 


We’ve had many ups and downs, emergencies and joys. God and our daughters are with us through it all.



**Mama GG is a hard-working and generous wife, mother, and Guest Blogger.**


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