When You Can’t Take the Heat: Magic Chef Oil-Less Air Fryer (MCAF37DB)

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Ain’t no one want to turn on the oven in this weather!

Ah, South Texas Spring; what other parts of the country might call “the Dead of Summer”. We wear light jackets in the morning, and shorts & chanclas by the afternoon.  This is the season where my fluffy winter coat (what other parts of the country might call “a few extra inches in the thighs”) starts weighing on my mind. Time to start discovering how to eat healthy again.  New healthy tool: MCAF37DB aka, Magic Chef Oil-Less Air Fryer!

One Dinner does not Rule them All

One of the challenges my “diet” faces is that my four youngest need all the calories they can get in the few bites of food they eat before they think they’re “full”. The other kids simply snub the “diet food” my husband and I share. All in all, some nights we are making two or three meals to accommodate everyone (to clarify, when I say “we”, that means whomever doesn’t want what is made has to make their own meal).  All of this to say, the Air Fryer has made cooking healthier, easier, COOLER, and faster with less dishes.

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Makes perfect sense to a 9-year-old.

My husband’s favorite recipe to make is Naked Spinach and Bacon Quiche (“naked” as in crust-less).  He cooks the bacon in the Air Fryer, then mixes the rest of the ingredients listed in the grease before placing back in the Air Fryer.  He’s not very good about “diet” things, so you might want to toss the bacon grease if you’re counting calories.

If you’re looking for a personal-sized dish, I found a nice one at the bottom of my KFC Pot Pie. I know, I know- I’m not very good at this whole “diet” thing, either.

Falling off the KETO wagon

Magic Chef Air Fryer
Healthy Cooking Recipe Book Included.


Like a lot of people, we have tried the KETO diet with impressive results, but we are unable to sustain it as a lifestyle.  We have settled for cutting sugar and carbs down, instead of out.


My husband is the cook of the family; I’m more of a specialty baker these days.  So, because desserts are my weakness, I will occasionally bake myself something sweet… but all the kids come running when they hear the oven BEEP that it’s pre-heated. All of a sudden, everyone is my best friend and wants to hang out with me until I pull magic out of the oven. Now, I have to share.

Score for the Air Fryer… First, the kids haven’t figured out that I can make quick, personal-sized desserts in it, yet. Second, I’m making a smaller portion than I would normally eat if I baked in the oven.


[PRO-TIP:  Save time by mixing the oats, flour, and sugar in bulk (setting aside in the fridge until needed.  Look… some people NEED desserts, ok?)]

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The Way of the Crisp

The Air Fryer works a lot like a toaster oven for frozen food; everything comes out crispy (or “weird” according to the 11 year old that has only experienced microwaved frozen food in his lifetime). Cooking frozen food in the microwave is fast; putting microwaved food into the Air Fryer for a few minutes saves time and adds crispy texture.  Crisping up frozen veggies works great; no one wants the oven on in this heat just to eat vegetables…am I right?

Magic Chef Air Fryer

The Air Fryer isn’t big enough to feed our whole family, but this season, my husband and I are on our way to eating healthier (ok, just forget the whole desserts and bacon paragraphs) without heating up the kitchen anymore than we have to.

[Pro-Tip: When unpacking the Air Fryer, do not press the release button over the hard, tiled floor. Put the Air Fryer on the counter, like the directions tell you to. That release button launches the sleek outer pan straight down. To the floor. The hard, hard tiled floor.]

Thank you, NewAir Appliances for making it possible to test and experiment with the new Magic Chef Oil-Less Air Fryer!

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I'd love to hear what has worked for you!

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