Best Toys you can DIY with your Kids

The best DIY for kids projects are a great way to connect with your children through fun and work. It is a process where you enable your kids to do different things with their hands. It is the perfect way to show them that they can do everything. Also, DIY projects are healthy, creative exercises for your children which will teach them to cherish work more than the thing itself. Due to that, I bring you few ideas you can DIY with your children.

Foosball Game Table

DIY foosball table, best diy for kids
DIY Foosball Table

Foosball is a great toy for your kids because it is a game kids can play together. For the game, you will need a cardboard shoebox, plastic cocktail straws, wooden barbecue sticks and clothespins. Make the holes for the goals and for the rods just like the real foosball table has. When the box is done, give it to your children so they can decorate it. In meantime, fill the plastic straws with barbecue sticks. You have to do that because the straws must carry the foosball players. Don’t forget to close the ends of the straws. The foosball players will be clothespins you can decorate because you have two teams. That means more coloring for the children! If you have two kids, give each one a team and one color and let them have fun. When the clothespins are done you can continue. Grab the cardboard box, put the rods in the holes and fix the clothespins with the glue on the rods.

Wooden Crate Storage and Display For Cars

DIY Parking Garage for Cars, best diy for kids
Wooden Crate Parking Garage

Before you start making this interesting car storage, take one of the toy cars your son has and try if it fits in the toilet paper roll. If it fits great! If it doesn’t fit, find a bigger roll for it. You can use the wooden crate, but you have to see if the rolls fit in the crate one next to the other. If they do, you can start gluing one roll on the other and fill the entire crate with paper rolls. Your job is done! Now, give the garage to your children and let them color it with their favorite colors form the outside. When the paint is dry, start parking the cars!

Kids Chalkboard Town

best diy for kids, chaldboard town
Chalkboard Town

This game actually fits perfectly with the crate garage I mentioned before. Buy some wooden panels and draw shapes of houses on it. Cut them by the shape and use the chalkboard paint to paint one side. While the paint dries, find as many chalks as you can in white and other colors. Now it is time for the kids to draw windows and doors on the houses! When it is done, your kids can play with cars in an actual city. The chalkboard paint is great because your kid can change the appearance of the city as many times as he likes.

Snake Tie

Tie Snake, best diy for kids
Just a little needle and thread- great intro to sewing!

Snake tie has two advantages. You can finally get rid of that ugly tie your husband wears and you can make adorable snake toy from it. All you need to do is fill the tie with cotton filling and close it carefully. Your kids can help you with the cotton filling, they will have so much fun. Don’t forget to make eyes and the recognizable snake tongue on the snake’s head. This will be the most adorable and softest snake on the planet.

Bowling Game

Bowling, best diy for kids
Bowling Game (or carnival game) with Cans

The bowling game is a great addition to your backyard and it is extremely easy to make. All you need for it is paint a couple of tin cans. To be more exact, you can use 10 tin cans. Clean them and paint them with the protective layer. When the cans are dry, hand them over to the kid’s coloring department for a paint job! When the cans are done you will have a colorful game for the back yard!

As you can see, the DIY projects are extremely simple and all your kids have to do for now is color. It is the safest and the most entertaining task for them. That is the first step in making them DIY masters over the years! J

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