Business Dinner for Two

Business dinner conversation meets a creative date night idea.

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One of the tools we use to remain an intimate couple (versus co-parents) is the “Business Dinner”. Once a week my husband and I go out (without the kids) to enjoy each other’s company, de-stress from the week, and prepare for the upcoming weeks.  I am big on household functionality; it is rare for us to have nice things for the sake of having nice things (you know, because nice things break easily).  Business dinners are the functional version of date night.

This isn’t a simple Date Night

This is the time we take to work out the logistics of our coming week without the distractions of kids or other household responsibilities.  Simply knowing when events are planned isn’t enough to get through the week smoothly.  We talk about who is going to pick up whom from where, what kind of gift we should get for an event, etc.  Going over our calendars and working out the specifics of other “To Do/ Honey Do” lists keeps us busy, at least until our food arrives.

Business dinner conversation meets date night idea, mom of seven
Time for Us

After putting our calendars (phones) away, we will usually discuss any hardships or obstacles that have popped up recently. Maybe a doctor’s visit or a call from a teacher… anything that deserves more time than the quick texts we were limited to previously. This is also a great time to address any miscommunication we’ve had lately.  We form a plan of action after tossing a few ideas back and forth; I’m frequently (and pleasantly) surprised that my husband tackles these types of situations from a different perspective.

By the time we run out of parenting issues to discuss (or vent over), we are relaxed enough to enjoy each other as adults.  It’s always nice to have “grown up” conversations when you’re a stay at home mom.

This might not be the most exciting date night idea for couples, but I enjoy the intimacy of being productive with my date!

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