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‘Tis the season…

Despite ALS, we are still celebrating this beautiful season of love. As the years have passed since 2002 when my husband was diagnosed with ALS, we have gradually come to terms with this disease.  We’ve accepted the many changes it has brought, and so we’re living our lives without so much fear and anxiety.  We have learned that we can keep celebrating with ALS.

celebrating with ALS, dad, mom of seven large family blog
Watching the Red and Gray Play.

Celebrating the Cooler Weather

There are some things that we can keep doing together. We went to an exciting playoff football game out of town (and way out of my comfort zone).  My husband still loves going to the games and watching the “Friday Night Lights”.  We took my teen-aged grand-daughter who helped and kept us company every step of the way.

We also spent the day at the zoo (in the same week) with the smaller grandkids and their moms.  Even though we couldn’t get on the train ride at the end of the zoo, it was still wonderful to see the joy on the faces of the grandkids as they rode.

Celebrating Family Traditions

Tomorrow our family is getting together to make tamales; trying to keep traditions alive. Of course this is after a long trip to the very busy supermarket to get all the ingredients!  Another thing that puts sparks of love in our lives is our children and grandchildren.  They are such good sports; pushing and encouraging us to do the little important things (like Sunday lunch). Most importantly, we love that they are helping with their dad’s/grandfather’s care, and keeping us company.

celebrating with ALS, mom of seven, family blog
Making Empanadas Together

Celebrating the Little Blessings

We have been very blessed that my husband – even though on a ventilator and only able to slightly blink – has been very healthy and stable. Oh, did I forget to mention what I am most grateful for?… he still has a beautiful smile. I have to remind him sometimes to smile because otherwise he looks kind of grouchy (I can’t imagine why).

celebrating with als, mom of sevenChristmas: Celebrating with ALS

I used to cry every year when setting up Christmas decorations, thinking it was going to be my husband’s last one. He continues to celebrate Christmas with us.  One day it will be his last one – or maybe even my last one – but for right now, let’s enjoy and make the most of this beautiful season.  Let’s enjoy the celebration of the birth of the beautiful little baby who, sadly, will grow up to suffer and die on the cross.

Sadly? Yes it is so sad to see our loved ones suffer, but our hopes and prayers are that we may one day be lifted into the arms of that loving Man who came to earth on that first glorious Christmas night.celebrating with als, baby Jesus

Merry Christmas to all who must learn to celebrate with ALS.

Merry Christmas to all.


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