Christmas Decorations: I Just Can’t

In the days before Thanksgiving, I heard scores of people begging others to wait until after Turkey Day to put up Christmas decorations.  I thought, who can blame people for having a joyful heart full of anticipation for the most magical night of the year?  The kids have off the day before Thanksgiving, so why not decorate then?

It’s been 14 days since Thanksgiving, and I still can’t get my Christmas decorations up.  Oh, some of them are up.  Some are around the area I want to put them up.  But mostly, they are scattered on the table; no longer able to rest inside the boxes they’ve been captive in since February.

Christmas decorations

The Blame Game

I blame the tree.  Half it’s pre-lit lights went out, so we went to the store and bought 300 lights.  Three-hundred sounded like a lot at the time.  Two days later, we had to buy 300 more.  I’m still not satisfied… maybe I should have gone LED.  Anyway, since we can’t put the ornaments on the tree until all of the lights are on, the ornaments have become “toys” instead of Christmas decorations.  That’s the rule…

“If mom didn’t want us to play with it, she’d lock it in her closet.”

Yes, I lock my closet.  And my bedroom door has a electronic keypad.  (Because they steal my stuff and break it as they rummage around looking for the stuff I stole from them, that’s why!)

This season brings extra demands on my time, especially during the weekends.  I’ve asked my older kids to help put things up, but their time is limited with homework, projects, Christmas projects, Christmas party planning, Christmas concerts, etc.  The younger kids can’t wait to put the ornaments up.  The youngest seems to spend half his free time sneaking ornaments onto the tree, and the other half taking them off again.  And the cat… well, you know how cats are with trees.  And ornaments.

Christmas decorations

PRO-TIP: Buy shatter-free ornaments if you have small kids.  Or cats.

This year, I can blame the weather too.  It’s been freezing cold and drizzly the past two days.  It doesn’t look like it’s going to let up this week, either.  Can’t put up Christmas decorations outside if it’s below 60.  Not gonna do it.

Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations Countdown

I’m starting to feel the time crunch.  If I don’t finish soon, then the Christmas decorations will only be up for 3 weeks before it’s time to take them down again.  Or, more accurately, before I start feeling guilty because I haven’t taken them down yet.  How much longer do I have to complete the tree before I start to feel guilty for depriving my kids of a joyful anticipation of Christmas Eve?  Perhaps I can convince them that it is a part of Advent.  The waiting before the birth of the Word Made Flesh.  After all, isn’t anticipation the best part?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

This is the final December post… I guess I should say the final 2017 post.  Mom-of-Seven will be still be posting at least one Guest Blog, so check in when you have the chance!  See you in 2018!


To further illustrate my decorating dedication… I’ve been searching for my Christmas doormat since I started bringing in the decorations from the garage.  Out of frustration, I finally asked my husband if he had seen it in his expeditions into that jumbled mess we park our car in.  He pointed to the porch of our front door and asked, “That doormat?” Yes.  That doormat.  Apparently our Christmas mat has been welcoming our guests to our door.  All. Year. Long.

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