Forget the Calming Bath Soaps; Get Rose’s Razors Instead!

Since bringing home Baby #4, I’ve received a surprising amount of bath soaps, bath salts and scrubs for my birthdays, Christmases, Mother’s Days… you get the picture. Did I stink? Well, I didn’t have time to shower as much as I wanted, but I don’t think that was the issue.

Rose's Razors, mom of seven
It’s a lovely thought.

My friends and family thought that maybe with so many kids, I needed to relax. Ya think?!? Yes, my loving and thoughtful gift-givers, I need(ed) to relax. Unfortunately, until my youngest got potty trained, I didn’t have time to take a luxurious bubble bath.  I could barely take the time to put on deodorant (see? I didn’t stink!). Furthermore, I didn’t have time (or um, care) to keep track of how long I’d been using the same razor.

When Rose’s Razors asked if I would be willing to try their product and write an honest review, I jumped at the chance.  I am always searching for ways to streamline my workload, look like a real adult, and I’m more than happy to share tips!

Roses Razors

Bottom Line (at the Top):

Rose’s Razors are high quality, beautiful, and functional (I’m a huge fan of functional).  The price is better than anything found at the grocery store or Amazon when you compare razor for razor.  Delivery takes care of that nagging feeling that maybe you need to change your blade this presidential administration, AND saves shopping time.

Blade to Blade

In my head, I devised a plan to shave one leg with my current razor, and the other leg with Rose’s Razors.

Rose's Razors, the taco mom, mom of seven

After I shaved the designated leg with Rose’s Razors, that leg was so smooth that I couldn’t resist shaving the other leg too.  Maybe the difference was a blade that hadn’t been changed since the Obama Administration (the second one, I’m not a complete Neanderthal), or maybe the difference was an extra blade in the new razor.

What impressed me was the way the handle itself was crafted: heavy, sturdy, and sleek.  These people did their research! Rose’s Razors really feel competent in the shower.

Notice the Size Difference


Toddler Resistant (because I doubt even Vibranium is “Toddler Proof”)

My four-year-old managed to take a piece of the razor off… I don’t know why I left out a razor after I pulled it out of the box… but it didn’t break! The pieces popped back into place without leaving extra parts scattered about.  Well, at least Number 7 came out of that experience with all of his eyebrows this time.

Rose's Razors, emergency hair cut, mom of seven
Lost half his eyebrows and a few chunks out of his hair the first time I left a razor out. Emergency haircut fixed it, mostly.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Yay, pink and purple razors that cost twice what men’s razors cost…”

That’s not the case here.  Rose’s Razors is akin to the Dollar Shave Club for Men: Low cost & high quality razors that get delivered to your door.  The bonus of Rose’s Razors is that their razors are as beautiful (shiny black) as they are functional for women.  I’ve used my husband’s razors for years. Rose’s Razors’ unique handle is longer and heavier than my husband’s current razor (he uses Dollar Shave Club, btw).

If you’ve ever looked at the wall of ridiculously expensive pink and purple razors at the store and thought, “Oh hell no!  I’d rather get tetanus.” then this service might be for you.  Considering that razors are on the list of items most shoplifted, services like these are able to keep their overhead low.  That means lower prices for us.

Consider giving (or asking for) the gift of a great shave without spending a half hour combing through the ocean of pink and purple options on the grocery store shelves.  Me? I’d prefer the luxurious shave in the hand than two bubble baths in the bush.

Rose's Razors, mom of seven parenting blog

Rose’s Razors is generously offering a 20% discount off all plans for Mom-of-Seven Readers: (Link uses Promo Code TTM20)

I sincerely hope that you give this company a try!

I'd love to hear what has worked for you!

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