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Two times a week, my mom takes the 3/4 year olds and teaches them numbers, letters, bible stories, social studies, and baking skills.  She reads to them, she exercises them, she prays with them, and she does art projects with them.  Grandma has been in “business” since our Parish school shut down about five years ago; with over a dozen grandchildren, she has a different “class” every year.  My sisters and I are extremely blessed by my mother’s willingness to spend time molding our kids.

It took a few weeks for them to get used to the schedule (in other words, to stop crying during lessons); after all, they didn’t know what they were getting into.  Now these guys can hold a pencil correctly, form the first letter of their name (at least), and use scissors (watch out for that girl in the middle… she REALLY likes using those scissors).

Numerous studies show that being exposed to these lessons gives the kids a huge head start for early school life.

It takes them less time to acclimate to a structured schedule.  They are able to socialize easier.  Lessons are picked up faster, and so the teacher praises them more.  All of this together gives the little guys a positive school attitude.  Honestly, even without all of the school-readiness benefits, I would still send my kids to Grandma’s School, because sometimes my kids come back with cookies.

If you can’t send your 3/4 year olds to Grandma’s School, then I would recommend putting on a teacher’s hat a couple of times a week.  Practically everything is an opportunity for learning; from walking to check the mail to watching workers re-pave the road from the bedroom window.  Try these ideas to encourage creativity in your daily dealings with your kids.  These little guys are sponges at this age, let them soak up the world!

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