Halloween Treats for Kids (That Kids Can Help Make)

Halloween is one of those holidays that allow our imaginations to run wild.  With a couple of birthdays sprinkled in (plus the odd potluck), October is a good time for us to make Halloween Treats! I love looking at all of the super-creative ideas on Pinterest as much as the next mom, but I don’t have the time (not to mention the skill) to pull off a lot of those recipes.  So, this is my Tiger Mom version of Halloween treats for kids, that the kids can help me make:

Super Easy Halloween Treats for Kids

It doesn’t get much easier than buying treats straight-out, but if you want to make it look festive, here are a few ideas:

Halloween Treats for Kids, Mom of Seven
Spider Eggs

Spider Eggs

Ingredients and Materials: Large Bowl, Plastic Spider Rings, Powdered Donut Holes.

Wash the Plastic Spider Rings and cut half of the ring off the spider.  Stick the rings into a Powdered Donut Hole (like a double tooth-pick), and pile into the bowl.  Younger kids can handle preparing this treat (with supervision, or you might lose half your eggs before the party starts…)

halloween treats for kids, mom of seven
Dip and Donuts

Monster Donuts

Ingredients and Materials: Plastic Fangs, Mini Chocolate Chips (or other small candy), a Dozen Donuts.

Insert washed Plastic Fangs into the hole of the donut, and add candy for eyes.  The kids can’t mess it up (unless they lick the glaze off… watch those little guys).

halloween treats for kids, mom of seven

Monster Toe Jam (pictured below)

Ingredients and Materials: Your favorite Cheese Dip Ingredients in a Crock Pot.  There’s nothing fancy about my Cheese Dip; a box of Velveeta cheese and two cans of RoTel Tomatoes does the trick.  Don’t forget the chips!


Ingredients and Materials: 2 Liters of Sprite, a box of Frozen Sherbet, (Ice, if you live in South Texas Weather), Colored Cups, Punch Bowl and Ladled Spoon.  If you want to be Tiger Mom, you can add Dry Ice for a show-stopping effect.

Easy Halloween Treats for Kids

These ideas take a few more minutes to prepare, but don’t require much skill in the kitchen.  I put the older kids in charge of most of these.

Rice Crispy Treat Eyeballs

halloween treats for kids, mom of seven
Rice Crispy Treats Eyeballs

Ingredients and Materials: (For the Rice Crispy Treats) Butter, Marshmallows, box of Rice Crispies Cereal, plus Candied Eyes (usually found in the icing department; bonus points if you can find “bloodshot” eyes), Plastic Forks, Plate/Platter (they stuck together in a bowl).

After making the Rice Crispy Treats, leave them in the pot (away from the heat) to cool.  If you wait until they are mostly cool, but NOT completely, they are easy to form into tight balls by hand.  Press the Candied Eyes into the ball, and place on the platter with some “serving” forks.

Fried Worms

Ingredients and Materials: A package of Hotdogs (and buns), and a large Skillet with lid (electronic skillet pictured).  Don’t forget your blood and guts, I mean, ketchup and mustard.

Cut the Hotdogs lengthwise into thin-ish strips.  Heat the strips in a Skillet until they curl, then simply keep warm until your guests can fill their buns with them.

halloween treats for kids, mom of seven
This is what my pictures would look like if I knew I’d be blogging about them a year later…
Halloween Treats for Kids, Mom of Seven
Monster Toe Jam and Fried Worms
Halloween treats for kids, mom of seven
Momma Spider and Spiderlings

Momma Spider and her Spiderlings

Ingredients and Materials:  Candied Eyes, Soft Red Candy (taffy or something else soft enough to cut into fangs), Cake Icing, plus your ingredients for the two cake mixes. Round cake pan, Cupcake pan, Spider Cupcake Holders, Pedestaled Cake Holder, Black Ribbon (or get creative) for legs.

I trust my older kids to make a cake (Number 2 is our go-to baker), but I help out with texturing the icing.  Simply lay your spreader flat on the icing, and then lift gently- creating a fuzzy texture on the spiders.  Add the eyes and fangs to complete the look.

The Extra Mile

Small embellishments are worth the extra effort; even if it’s just to hear ooohs and aaaahs from the other adults at the party.

Guacamole Dip and Ranch Dip (pictured above with Monster Donuts)

These are standard dips that, with a little effort (and a couple of mini pumpkins), can be so much fun.  Grab a squash and a carving knife to create your vision.

Naming Halloween Treats for Kids with Name Tags

A bowl of Cheetos can be labeled “Scarecrow Toes”; a tray of crooked carrots can be labeled “Witch Fingers”.  I printed out cute little name tags on Business Card Paper, and taped them to pans, trays, and even our condiments.

Personalized Décor

By far the most complicated and time-consuming decorations I’ve ever made was our “Family Portraits”.  My daughter and I came up with the idea together, and managed to pull it off in a manic night of make-up and photo shoots.  If you have the time before your party, photograph everyone in their costumes.  Print your photos and replace those that are hanging in your guest areas.

halloween treats for kids, mom of seven
Family Photos in the Living Room

Have fun with this season, and take advantage of you kids’ creative thinking to pull of a memorable Halloween Party!  Don’t forget to let me know what Halloween Treats for Kids you’ve tackled in the Comments Section.


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