Healthy Habits: Getting Them Back

The key to staying in “good shape” is fitting healthy habits into your lifestyle.  The trouble is, my “lifestyle” is in the habit of murdering my healthy habits.

I hurt my rotator cuff- I don’t even know how.  My arm started hurting one day, and the pain only got worse the longer I ignored it.  This put an end to some healthy habits, such as Yoga every morning.  Cutting out Yoga made time for making homemade waffles.  A heavy breakfast complete with butter and syrup made me less inclined to move unnecessarily, which means I’m only burning minimal calories.

Our schedule at this end of the school year has decimated my afterschool exercise times with my husband.  We’ve been eating on the run, and paying less attention to our healthy meal plans (favoring “quick” meal plans instead).  Some days we don’t even eat together because the various schedules require us to go our separate ways.  On the rare day that we have an hour of “free” time, we can’t think of anything we’d rather do less than work-out.

I’ve continued to go to Zumba with my mom twice a week, but I imagine I look like a chicken with a clipped wing as I try to limit my arm’s mobility. Still, in the darkness of my closet, I can almost hear the creepy voice of my lost pounds sneering, “We’re back!” as I struggle to button my jeans.


My family is planning at least two long hikes this summer: One is three miles; the other, five.  Right now, the oldest members of our family have only hiked 3 miles at a time.  Our goal is to make all of our legs strong enough to complete the two hikes without complaints.  Weekend hiking trips will be a big part of our summer plans for leg strengthening.  We will have to take an umbrella stroller for the three-year-old (just in case), because that ball of energy burns out quick if he’s forced to walk on a pre-existing path.

SIDE NOTE: It is my theory that Toddlers can see and access invisible Energy Balls scattered randomly around the universe. Toddlers collect this cosmic energy, video game style (instead of simply walking out the door, they must first hit up two walls and a couch on the other side of the room).  This is why they run around with endless energy in seemingly random directions, and only sleep when they are forced to stay still.

I have to be accountable to myself, so it’s time to recommitting to making the “tough choices”.

Healthy Habits: Scheduling Activities and Healthy Meal Plans

School ends in a week; we’ll have more time to fit exercising and meal planning into our schedule after that.  We can schedule hiking activities on the weekends since School clubs, meetings, and study halls will drop off our calendar.

Healthy Habits:  Restraint During Meals

Until then, I have to work on damage control: No more daily deserts, and back to saying ‘no’ to seconds.  Mom, this means no more Whataburger for lunch… I’ll die a little on the inside if I’m forced to order a salad instead of a Whataburger with Cheese.

Healthy Habits: Monitor Weight Daily

Weighing daily isn’t to look for results (I’ve read to gauge results weekly instead), but it keeps the idea of ‘weight-loss’ in the front of my mind.  When I’m tempted to send a kid upstairs/downstairs for something I’ve forgotten, I remember that I’m supposed to be active. Burning a few extra calories being mindful like this doesn’t seem like a lot, but it really makes a difference to me.


We all have our own motivations for losing weight and/or being healthy.  I talked about mine in Baby Steps. I also thought Sara Dorner had an interesting motivation to look her best (just in case she ran into Matt Damon at the hospital during her surgery).

Charles Barkley (now a basketball commentator) once commented that the women of San Antonio were too fat.  Maybe so, Mr. Barkley, maybe so.  But for months after that comment was made, instead of remembering to slim down for the sake of my city’s reputation, I ate every taco with a mental “F-You, Charles Barkley“.

Whatever your reasons are to form and keep healthy habits, you are the only one that can make it happen.  We have to do these types of things for ourselves.

healthy habits
Healthy Habits: Getting them Back

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