Hero of the Day

I have always been very proud of my eldest son.

Tonight, though, I saw a little bit of “hero” mixed in with the young man he has become. Tomorrow is trash day.  There was a cardboard box of raw chicken in the backyard that needed to be put inside our trashcan. Let’s not try to place blame; I think we’re all mature enough to get past this without pointing fingers… Long story short, the raw chicken was infested with maggots, the cardboard box was breaking apart, and of course it all reeked of death.

It’s always best to be your own hero, but…

We teach our girls that there is a very real difference between men and women, but that doesn’t mean women are not capable of everything a man is.  That being said, there are just some things that I, personally, list under “That’s not my Department“.  Like trash. Especially this trash.

While the girls and I fought, pointed fingers, and attempted to guilt each other into doing the dirty deed, I mentally searched around for something or someone to rescue us. We needed a hero.  It was after 10:30 at night, my husband was out of town, my younger boys were staying the night at grandma’s house, and my oldest son… crossing my fingers and praying that my oldest son was available, I called his cell.

My son lives on the other side of town most days because it’s closer to his school.  However, he washes up and puts his grandfather (who has ALS) in bed some nights on my side of town. Luckily, he had just finished taking care of his grandfather, and was only a block away.

He asked, “Do you need me for something?” I answered “Yes! Desperately!” Then I explained the situation.

Instead of saying “Nope, you’re on your own”, he said “OK, I’ll be there in a minute”. He did the grotesque job. He was pale and a little sickly-looking afterwards, but he got the job done. After he took a shower and was preparing to go home, he told me, “If you ever need me mom, all you have to do is call.”

The Rewards of Parenting

When he was a child, it was rewarding enough to see his smile and get a grateful hug.  Now that he’s practically his own man, the rewards of our relationship are often surprising.  No one has kids for the purpose of getting anything tangible out of the grueling hard work, but in this moment I knew: it was all worth it.

hero, mom of seven
FYI Ladies, this Hero is 23 and Single!


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