Love Fashion, but Hate Shopping

It feels good to know I’m dressed like an adult with some fashion sense.  It makes me look and feel like I have my sh*t together.  The thing is, I don’t have time or patience to shop, and I can’t tell if something is fashionable if it’s simply hanging on a rack.  That’s why I’ve taken off my nerd-girl glasses, thrown my hair over my shoulder with an exaggerated flip, and ordered Stitch Fix.

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I like my Fashion like I like my kids’ homework: Quick and Easy

Time is an issue for most mothers (even more so for working mothers).  To save time, we often cut corners where our own personal needs are involved.  It’s almost as if it’s easier to sacrifice than to live with that “I’m not doing enough” feeling.

Fashion used to be way down on my list of priorities- until I saw Stitch Fix advertised on Facebook, and decided to try it out.  Turns out, the process is quick and easy!  They asked a number of questions to understand my personal style.  The hardest question asked was for my waist size.  They ask to view your Pinterest boards.  This gives an idea of the styles you’d like to see yourself in, or at least try.

My fashion problem historically has been that I preferred to be comfortable in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, no matter how old they were (or how dumpy they made me look).  As I matured, I’ve decided that I should look like the responsible adult when I leave the house.  Hard to do wearing my husband’s shirt paired with shoes that were falling apart in the 90’s.

what mom of seven wears
Me BEFORE Stitch Fix
mom of seven after stitch fix fashion
Me AFTER Stitch Fix (Ok, not really, but this is what it feels like)

Overwhelmed by options? Not anymore!

With everything going on, finding a store that sells clothes that I like is a chore.  Wading through that store’s stock of clothing items is daunting.  Finding something that I think will make me look attractive and my age is grueling.

Stitch Fix ships me five articles of clothing (which can include jewelry, bags, and shoes).  The items you keep, you pay for.  A return shipping bag is also included just in case you don’t like a particular item.  Personally, I pay around $180 when I keep the entire shipment (but there are some options during set up as far as prices go).

I admit- I’d never pay that much at the store.  By the time I find something I think might look nice on me, I’m so frustrated at the amount of time I’ve been looking that I don’t want to pay a dime for it.  Paying for someone else to research fashion, and guess what will look dignified on me? Totally worth it!

After I’ve tried everything on, and taken a day or two to get a feel for the cloths, I make my decision.  The website is set up to ask a few more questions about how I like each piece.  Once again, this process is quick and easy.

My Schedule

I love this fashion service! Right now, I plan on updating my wardrobe once a month.  I’m even going to ask for a snazzy dress to be delivered in December (just in case I go to an adult Christmas party… it could happen).  When the time comes that I don’t need a package of confidence delivered to my front door monthly, I can change the Stitch Fix schedule.

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Helpful Outfit Suggestions

Included with the articles of clothing was a sheet of outfit suggestions (put together by a real-life stylist). This was helpful because it showed how to incorporate these into my existing wardrobe.  I also receive e-mails that offer fashion advice and videos (that I usually don’t have time to read or watch) in order to educate my fashion sense.

Save Time, Skirt the Frustration, and Look like the Woman you are on the Inside

Getting a fashion package feels very much like getting a birthday gift I know I’ll love.  If you want to try this amazing service, click this Referral Link and feel good about doing something for yourself!

Oh, and by the way, there is also Stitch Fix for Men

Do you have a fashion service you’d like to share? Comment and let us know all about it!

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