Mommy Magic

Children seem to think their mom is all-powerful and all-knowing…  Magic, even!

Most of the time, I use this to my advantage.  Sometimes, I just wish they would comprehend the impossible standards they place on me.  In an attempt to maturely communicate to my offspring that their powers could be as vast as my own if they would but try, I have re-invented magic.

mommy magicThe Crystal Ball.  This magical device is useful for when my kids ask me questions about the future.  For example, if cousins are late for a get-together…

Question: Mom, when are our cousins going to get here?
Answer: Hmmm, let me check my Crystal Ball… oopps, I left it upstairs. I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see.

The Bottomless Pocket.  This take on Mary Poppins’ carpet bag counters the unreasonable requests for food in situations where there clearly is no food or drink around.  For example, in the middle of church services…

Question: Mom, I’m hungry! Do you have any pizza?
Answer: Sure! Let me take the pizza out of my pocket! (I insert my best ‘duh’ face)

The Wand of Re-visibility.  This magical device is one that even my husband requests when he can’t find a particular item.  Is the cereal I put in the pantry yesterday not in the pantry this morning?  Is your homework suddenly missing from your backpack since you left school?  Is my purse that I forgot upstairs (next to my Crystal Ball, of course) not where I told you it would be?  Let me drop everything I was doing, to walk into the pantry (etc.), and wave my Wand of Re-visibility!  Voila’! There it is… in the exact place I told you it would be.  You would have found it if only it hadn’t been invisible. It is ironic that my Wand of Re-visibility is invisible, so no one else can use it’s magic.

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True Story

Do my kids really believe I’m magic?

Not really, but it doesn’t hurt to insert a little humor where annoyance might otherwise take root.  And seeing that goofy smile they give me when they realize what they are asking… well, that’s magic all on it’s own.

I'd love to hear what has worked for you!

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