Monday: Start the Week Off Well

Monday’s were always the bane of my existence, and for a long time it was difficult to start the week off well.

start the week off well

Audio for Monday

In addition to the usual Garfield-like complaints of Mondays, I have my own issues:

1) I don’t make anyone do chores on <a “Read How to Survive the Sabbath” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Sunday (unless chores got skipped on Saturday), so dishes go undone and life stays littered on the floors. This “weekend mess” plagues me and only me… it’s weird, but no one else seems to notice it.

2) Homework packets come home on Monday, and because we can’t trust homework to get completed each and every night, we make the kids complete everything (except spelling and daily reading logs) that night.

3) Since kids have a load of work to do Monday night, I can’t depend on them to complete chores completely, if at all. This means undone chores either plague me until Tuesday, or I suck it up and clean the house Monday morning.

4) I chose “suck it up” so I can reset the house; that way, if chores aren’t done properly (haha, I said “if”), then they’re not stacked on top of last week’s improperly-done-chores left abandoned on the wayside.

5) Last, but not least, I don’t want to face people or drama on Mondays, so I plan to stay secluded in my own world that I can almost completely control.

Like all onerous tasks, the hardest thing is getting started.

The first thing I force myself to do (you know, after actually getting out of bed) is to get fully dressed.  I require shoes at all times; there’s just no telling what “nobody” and “I don’t know” spilled on the floor, and there is a lone Lego lurking around every corner.  Once I’m dressed, I feel physically prepared to start the day.  Mental preparation takes a little more work.

Coffee helps wake me up, and often breakfast is called for.  I find that forcing myself to put a load of laundry to wash before sitting down for breakfast helps mentally prepare me to continue working after the meal.

It’s nice to have mental stimulation while doing menial tasks, but I try to stay away from distractions such as phones and TV, as I always find myself sitting for extended periods of time.  Chores are always more stimulating when Benjamin sings to me, so I listen to music while I work.

Once I get the house in order, I feel more in control and relaxed; then I can start the week off well.

Since I’m a mature adult, I’m able to do what needs doing in a couple of hours.  For those of you that like Word Problems:

If it takes Mom 45 seconds to pick up random toys off the floor plus 8.5 minutes to load the dishwasher, WHY DOES IT TAKE A CHILD 37 MINUTES TO PICK UP TOYS?

When it’s all said and done, I’m ready for lunch and Netflix.  Or a nap… I’m flexible. This is a good break in the day before the kids and their homework come home to dictate the rest of my evening.

One Size doesn’t fit All.

Of course, what works for me won’t help everybody.  Sometimes knowing that others share your pain helps (because lets face it, your kids don’t get it).  Also, I don’t have a “day job”, so I have the luxury of scheduling my day on my own terms (for the most part).

Let me know if you have a routine that starts the week off well for you (I can use some pointers); or if you work, let me know how you successfully get out the door on Mondays!

I'd love to hear what has worked for you!

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