Organization with Coat Racks

Never underestimate the power of well-placed coat racks.  If you live by the phrase, “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place“, you understand how important it is to teach kids where to place their important items. If you’re like me, and you live by the phrase, “Stop throwing everything you touch on the floor!“, then you understand how little effort kids are willing to put into organizing their important items.

Nix the Hangers

Our closet (closest to the door) holds a bucket for school shoes; one bucket for the boys, and one for the girls. The inside of that closet door holds two coat rack for sweaters and backpacks.  We don’t mess too much with hangers because apparently, hangers only work for ages 14 and above. Or as my four-year-old will tell you- when you remind him to hang up his things, “Hangers don’t even work! They don’t work, and it’s not even Tuesday!” (Whatever that means).

coat rack organization
Coat Rack Combo: Over-the-door rack paired with a drill-in rack (for really short arms).
closet organization
Long hanging bar for short arms to use hangers, and shoe box.

Bath Towels

My sister has mounted a coat rack in the bathroom for kids’ towels.  They each get their own towel (instead of the more traditional community towel that gets thrown on the floor between bathes). You can find the one pictured below at Bed Bath & Beyond (or browse your favorite home store). My younger boys shower in my bathroom, where the towel racks are adult-sized; naturally, the towels end up on the floor. Oh yes…. the floor, my kids can reach.

coat racks, organization, large family
This is actually an over-the-door rack, but my sister zip-tied it to the towel rack so that her boys could reach it.

Basic things to consider while shopping for coat racks:

Your child’s comfortable reach. If the hooks are too high, it will be difficult to do the job properly. Too much yanking and pulling downwards might cause the hooks to bend or break.

What you want the hooks used for (versus what else the kids might want to use them for). I bought an over-the-door rack for my daughter’s bedroom.  I meant it to hold her various fashionable sweaters and jackets. It quickly amassed several purses, hats, and all sorts of random items that make me say, “What the?!?

[SIDE NOTE: My personal record for the surprised uttering of “What the?!?” in a day is 5. I have actually charted a decline in this uttering, mostly due to the fact that these things don’t even surprise me anymore.]

The Prep is worth the Price

The downside to organization racks are the price. They do add up, but they are a worthwhile investment in morning/bedtime management. For families on the go, a box or coat rack to throw items on (or grab off) makes transition times less chaotic. 

closet organization with coat racks
Oh, this isn’t MY closet. Visit if this is what you’re looking for!

How do coat racks save the day at your house? Share in the Comments Section!

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