Our Favorite Go-To Recipes

Like all families that are on the go, we have a list of our go-to recipes to help whip up something Fast, Easy, and/or just something that will feed us all from one pot.  There are even a few recipes that EVERYONE enjoys.

Go-To Recipes we’ve picked up along the way…


We’ve tried a fair amount of recipes, but have only kept a few in steady use.  I’ll share those periodically here with a tag that labels them “Fast”, “Easy” or “Crowd Pleaser”.  I’m more of a recipe collector than inventor, but I like to (sometimes have to) make changes to recipes; feel free to do the same.

I should add that I’m more proficient at baking than actually cooking, so I will claim to be at the “Intermediate” Level.

Go-To Recipes

SIDE NOTE: Until I figure out how to make this category a “Drop Down Box”, you will have to click the links on the website’s Side Bar or the below links for the actual recipes listed.  Thanks!

Go-To Recipes:

WAFFLES (Crowd Pleaser)