Tacos Tuesday (Fast and Easy)

Tacos are a quick and easy meal to throw together, provided your meat is already defrosted.  Most people have their own recipe that they’ve developed during their cooking years.  Just in case you’re someone like me, this recipe might help out a bit.

Teenager Me: How do you make tacos?

Mom and/or Grandma: Oh, you just brown the meat and put some seasonings in it.

Me: Yeah, but how much of what seasoning?

Mom and/or Grandma: You know, just a little bit.


tacos, mom of seven, recipe

This recipe makes enough tacos for everybody, plus enough leftover to make chili the next night.

The number of ingredients you need depends on how fancy you want to get.  You will also need a pot (mine is 8 quarts), a utensil to break up the meat, a way to drain the meat, and a cutting board with knife.



3 lbs. ground beef

Taco seasonings (cumino, garlic & onion powder to taste, or Taco Seasoning Packets)

Canned (preferably seasoned) tomatoes

Diced Onion

Lettuce, Tomato

Cheese (cheddar or queso fresco)

Tortillas (flour, corn, or taco shells)

Can of refried beans

(This is my bare-bones list; feel free to add corn, zucchini, bell pepper, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa, etc. if you have the ingredients on hand)


Brown the defrosted meat in a pot over medium-high heat.  Crumble the meat as it browns (I like to use a Mix ‘N Chop), and add a little salt for flavor.   Dice and add the onion when about half of the meat is browned.  Chop the lettuce and tomato, and set aside on the cutting board.  Add the seasonings and canned tomatoes AFTER draining the browned meat, and lower heat.  Warm tortillas or taco shells.

A few of our kids prefer bean and cheese tacos to meat and cheese.  We offer a can of beans or two for those tacos, as well as for those who want beans on the side (or inside) of their meat tacos.  Other sides may include rice, corn, or tortilla chips.

As stated above, the leftover taco meat for chili the next night.  We add cans of corn, charro beans, and whatever compatible vegetables we have on hand to the pot, and top with cheese (sour cream, tortilla chips, etc.).

Getting my husband or a kid involved cuts time down; if someone else is browning the meat, then I don’t have to worry about it as I chop lettuce and tomatoes.  It also gives us a few minutes to connect, and the kids can start working on their Life Cooking Skills!