Parenting Mantra: Power over Stress

Some days are terribly stressful. It’s life; and life gets messy.  Even more so with kids.  On days that don’t go as well as others; okay, during minutes that don’t go as well as others, I have to take a deep breath and repeat a little parenting mantra in my head.

Dad: Number 4, give your Social Studies homework to your mom, so she can check it.
Me: But I didn’t read the chapter…
Number 4: I didn’t either.

“Everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay. And all matter of things are going to be okay.” (Modified from a quote in a Wheel of Time book; Originally knows as:

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. – Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love)

That’s not the only Parenting Mantra I’ve said to calm my nerves.

My four year old had a major smear in his undies one day. I told him he needed a bath because his butt smelled. He begged me not to wash his hair, because (and I quote), “I didn’t stick my head in my butt.”

“It’s not all about me.”

Me (on the couch): Hey! Don’t leave those here; they’re not my toys.
Number 7 (4 yrs. old): *backs away with a sweet smile on his face*
Me: Come back here! Number 7, Come ba…
Number 7: *turns tail and runs out of my room without his toys*
Me (still not getting off courch): NUMBER 7!!!

“I am calm. I am cool. I am collected.”

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I told my 4 yr. old to throw his banana peel in the trash. He tried over and over to open the trash-lid by pulling it up with the hand that still held the peel, instead of stepping on the lever that lifts the lid.  I impatiently barked, “step on it!”. He immediately threw his banana peel to the floor, AND STEPPED ON IT.

“One step at a time. Patience, and take it one step at a time.”

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Number 5: Mom, guess what?!? At school there was a wild dog…

Number 6: *interrupting* Oh yeah! It was white and I got to pet it!

“Lord have mercy on us, as we place our trust in you.”

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The Power of Mantras

Mantras are words that we repeat to aid in meditation or to focus our mindset.  If you have time, you can take it one step further with traditional mantras. A parenting mantra can be great for stress relief, and mental health in general.  I’m not much for meditation past praying, but repeating these small mantras during my mini-parenting crisis helps me stay focused on being positive.  You know, mostly.

Child 1: *drops garment off the hanger and proceeds to drag it across the floor*

Second Child: Stop it! You’re getting that shirt all dirty! I just washed that!! Stupid!

Child 1: (Walking away) You’re stupid.

Second Child: No, you’re stupid!

Child 1: (Still walking away) You’re stupider.

Second Child: (yelling after him) You’re stupidest times infinity!

… … …Oh wait, there was no second child; that was just me.

Sometimes all the parenting mantra, books, all of the lessons in the Bible, and every good intention fly out the window as I have a tantrum any two-year-old would be proud of. What mantras do you say to yourself? Comment and Share!

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