Problem of the Day

This is the text I received from my 5th grader’s other teacher today:

(Number 4) was sent to me because he was not being responsible in his (home-room) class.  Since his arrival, he has been disruptive and has been entertaining my students with a comedy act.  I will be consulting the office about where to go from here.

Audio: Problem of the Day

His teachers text me (sometimes with pictures) often.  This kid is so smart and witty, and he’s a blast to hang out with, but he REFUSES to complete his class work assignments in class, and now it seems he’s turning disruptive.

We’ve had him tested: High IQ; Low motivation to please others; No ADHD markers (except low motivation, of course).  We’ve tried rewards, punishments, ignoring, praising, bribing, and crying.  Nothing works for more than a few days.  It’s difficult to make a child’s life a barren wasteland when he lives with his best friends, but we try our best to make sure he completes the class work at home as well as an extra chore or two as a minimum consequence for days he brings home “sign offs”.

problem child
“Alexander Hamilton”

Today, I’ve informed the teacher that if he can’t pull himself together, I will go sit next to him in class.  We’ll see how funny his class thinks HE is when his mom does the chicken dance…

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