Reading This WILL NOT Get You Pregnant.

I believe girls spend their teenage years learning to cope and control their emotions and fluctuating hormones, as opposed to boys whom wrestle with their sexual hormones.  I gave both my girls the PG version of Natural Family Planning (NFP) once they started their cycles. This method lets us predict the exact day we are due to start, so we are prepared for it.  More than that, I wanted them to know that the nonsense teenage boys dish out sounds a lot more persuasive during ovulation time, and that the little annoyances of life feel like mountains right before menstruation time.

NFP for Fertility

I strongly believe that knowing your own body (or your partner’s body) is the best way to control your fertility. My husband and I practice NFP; the Billings Method, to be exact.  It works! It really does… if we follow the rules.  If we toss the dice and take our chances, well… let’s just say that my husband and I have very strong odds where fertility is concerned.

NFP for Family Tension

Tracking my cycle hasn’t given me the ability to control it, but it has given me the ability to predict what it is doing (and whenit will try to control me again).  Using general observation skills, I am able to pick up on cues that others miss.  This helps me moderate certain tensions in the household, such as days when my husband’s banter elicits “the silent treatment” instead of a chuckle from one of the girls.  I give the girl a sympathetic hug, remind her to smile, and I tell my husband to dial back his personality.

NFP for Confidence

The power of NFP is a deeper understanding of the feminine body. When will I give them the full version of Natural Family Planning? I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  But for now – It’s my hope that in helping my girls understand and cope with themselves, I am helping them to be comfortable and confident in their own skin.

NFP won't get you pregnant

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