Remember Wallet Photos?

Last night my husband and I visited his uncle in the hospital (sorry it took a hospital stay to catch up, and we’re glad you’re feeling much better Tio!).  My husband’s cousin was also there; staying with her dad and helping with his care.  During our visit, I asked to see pictures of her one-year-old, so she pulled out her phone to show me photos of both of her beautiful daughters.  Remember wallet photos? Do wallets even have sleeves for photos anymore?

A better use for your wallet photo slot… Birth Statistics

I remember watching a show (ages ago) where a man was quick-drawing his wallet over and over.  When his wife asked what he was doing, he explained that he wanted to beat a friend at pulling out wallet photos of his kids.  Now that smart phones contain credit/reward card information, business contacts, as well as photos, I have extra slots in my wallet for my children’s “Birth Statistics”. [Click to see get an idea of what I’m talking about: Birth Stats PDF]

The information I put on my stats card (less of a “card” and more of a “folded up piece of paper that I keep meaning to laminate, but I don’t because I keep having to add a kid”) is mostly hospital information that I repeatedly have to give to nurses while completing pre and post admittance forms or school forms.  I also keep other information that I might remember if I only had one or two children, but have no hope of remembering with seven, such as church sacrament dates.  My sister takes it one step further and lists Milestones so she can compare when one child started walking, teething, etc. to the others.  I love that idea… I just don’t love that it will take me hours of digging through baby books to add Milestones to my stats card.  Someday… someday, I will (maybe).

Always be ready to tell your story.

remember wallet photos and birth statistics

Honestly, I loved having the information to gaze at during a pregnancy, when I “lived and breathed motherhood”. I used it to recreate the memories of past pregnancies and deliveries, and to decide if I should do anything differently this time around.  When the subject of labor & delivery comes up in a conversation with my sisters, I have a handy tool that allows me to answer their questions definitively; and if they don’t ask questions, well – the information in my unsolicited advice is also quite accurate.

Granted, my birth stats are not as glamorous as those professional wallet photos we used to be so proud of, and definitely not as interesting as the smart phone slide show our cousin shared last night…  But before a Baby Shower, you might see me quick-drawing my wallet over and over:  Want to talk L&D? Bring it on!

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