School Supplies Worksheet

It’s time to buy school supplies.  With six kids in four different schools (not counting my son in college), we have a boat load of pencils to buy.

With so many lists, we have to consolidate school supplies in order to make the trip to the store (or online) as painless as possible.

Here is my worksheet that I use to add up all of the pencils, etc. that we are responsible for each year: (click to view)

School Supplies Worksheet (Google Docs)

School Supplies  If I did this right, you can Enable Editing in order to make any changes to customize the Excel worksheet for your family.

Last year, my husband used this list to buy what he could online.  He took the time to shop for the best deals, and got most of the supplies the kids needed.  We simply went to the store for the rest.

In the past, a check out clerk asked if I was a teacher.  I guess the sheer amount of supplies in my basket pointed in that direction. school supplies

Don’t forget about printing labels for school forms to make filling out forms less painful when you shop for school supplies!



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