Being Thankful when not Everything Is Awesome

Everything is Awesome

I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard Everything is Awesome, the Lego Movie theme song, a hundred times. This song is amazingly optimistic about lost jobs and stepping in mud.  It got me thinking about being thankful.  When we talk about being thankful, we can easily list Family, Friends, our Home, and Talents. It’s harder to think of being thankful for our trials.

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“Lost my job, it’s a new opportunity; more free time for my awesome community!”

But we should be.

God can use all manner of things to turn us toward him, if we let him. The trials we face are often experiences that help us grow in wisdom, confidence, and inner strength. Unfortunately, not before they humble us.

Lifting weights tears muscles, but then when the body heals, it knits the muscles back stronger than they were before.  Growing and healing through our trials is part of what makes us uniquely US. If nothing else, our trials give us opportunities to pray.

Everything IS awesome; even our trials… if you look hard enough.

An optimist can find the silver lining in almost any situation. Naturally not all situations will yield the ideal outcome, but there is often something to be thankful for in our everyday trials.

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Naturally, it’s hard to give thanks when things don’t seem awesome.

Having kids isn’t all love and tenderness; it’s hard work.  The trials of motherhood have taught me patience, problem solving skills, relationship skills, the power of creativity, and how to scarf hidden treats before the scent of chocolate can escape the packaging and lure others to my location.

Today, reflect on what you have gained working though your trials as well as the blessings of good times.  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

I pray that your Thanksgiving Day is filled with prayers of thanksgiving for your blessings and your trials.  I pray that your trials bring you blessings.  Have an Awesome Thanksgiving!

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